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Policies and Terms
General policies and conditions

bit-bonus.net registered under the Companies Act 1956 as bit-bonus.net, is very conscious of taking care of its customer statistics. We respect your trust and promise to behave with the utmost care. By traveling on bit-bonus.net, you accept the practices described on their cover.

The statistics obtained from customers allow us to have a non-public relationship and improve your shopping experience. Every statistic you provide to us is kept very carefully and securely. These statistics allow us to serve you better. Of course, we believe in cooperating fully while the scenarios require us to do so, such as in the context of regulatory or criminal proceedings, we must offer statistics on our customers. Additionally, we have the freedom to do non-public statistics percentages with our advertising teams, marketing and marketing groups or any other comparable event for research and marketing and marketing purposes. Moreover,

Privacy Policy

Use of Cookies
A cookie is a small amount of data, usually an alphanumeric identifier that can be transferred to your computer’s hard drive. These are small statistics that can be saved via your browser. This allows our device to capture your browser the next time you access our webpage. Our cookies no longer consist of anything in my opinion of statistics. Most internet browsers mechanically accept cookies. To take advantage of some features of bit-bonus, we support cookies that you allow.

Terms of use
bit-bonus.net no longer promotes merchandise for purchase through children. All children’s merchandise must be purchased through an adult. The involvement of a figure or a mother or a father will be important if you are under the age of eighteen. The query you choose to go to bit-bonus, if any, on personal cover is a matter to observe, this includes damages barriers and dispute arbitration and usage regulations for Bangalore jurisdiction. As with any market need, we have to make changes to our business from time to time. This will also lead to an extradite of sightings and the stats we have now can be extracted as our coverage wishes at that time. We ask that you test our website frequently to take a look at significant changes over time. All content on our web pages, including logos, icons, images, data compilations and software, is the property of bit-bonus.net. All software on this webpage are also assets of bit-bonus.net

Site Approach
Access to our web pages is restricted and for most efficient non-public use. No part of the webpage may be changed without our prior written consent. This web page or any part of it may no longer be reproduced, duplicated or otherwise exploited for any purpose without the express written permission of bit-bonus.

Account Information
All terms and conditions are done mechanically when you use bit-bonus.net. Be sure to keep your account statistics and passwords safe and confidential.

Communication and Other Factors
Visitors are welcome to submit suggestions, questions, ideas, comments, or any other statistics provided, which are no longer obscene, unlawful, threatening, libelous, or otherwise inappropriate to us or 1/3 of events. Also, the conversation should be virus-free. We also limit chain letters. Visitors are now asked not to use incorrect email ids, impersonate male or female, or mislead the starting point of any statistics.

Product Identity
At bit-bonus.net, we no longer warrant/represent any product identification or statistics relating to it as accurate, complete or error-free. It is our strictest effort to see that every statistic contained in our web pages is true and correct to our first class knowledge and research. However, we strive to provide as many accurate statistics as possible.

Our Returns Policy
Return of Damaged/Damaged Goods
If you receive a damaged or damaged item, please return the same item to us without hesitation in the correct packaging. Please attach a note indicating the purpose of the return. Also the country of your order no. & send it to us by mail or dependent post. As soon as we receive the defective item, we can send you a clean replacement or refund you the amount according to your choice. On your next visit, please let us know if you really want a replacement or a refund. This installation is most effective for items sold by us. Returns of damaged/damaged merchandise must be made within 7 days from the date of receipt of the shipment.

Please note:
The cost of return mail issued through you will be refunded through us to your account. Most courier refund amounts we will credit to your account in Rs100/-. Therefore, please choose the correct courier to return the product. In case the return courier amount is more than Rs100/-, please appoint our buyer help desk or email us mentioning the same and we will send our courier to choose or recommend you by which courier you can return the goods. bit-bonus.net

Our Order Policy
As soon as the order is cleared for payment, you will receive an email confirmation for the same. This will include your order number, which you can refer to later to check how popular your order is on the web.
Even if the order is confirmed, the cost of the product may increase if the supplier/author decides to add the MRP of the product. In such cases, it is no longer reliable and the buyer has to bear the difference in cost. For Orders with more than 10 product quantities, freight prices may be relevant on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of “bit-bonus” management. In such a case, the customer can be called and informed about it. In the event of cancellation and refund due to buyer error, buyer may be charged up to 7% for Debit Card/Net Banking transactions and up to 15% for wired transactions. credit card of the total value of the order. Orders weighing more than 10 kg will be shipped via surface mode, where the customer must go to the depot and collect the package.